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Many Different Faces. One Vision.

The New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation is a mutual, bilingual, not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of issues related to the wellbeing of all seniors aged 50 years and over in New Brunswick.

NBSCF Vision


The mission of the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation Inc. is to enhance the wellbeing of New Brunswick Senior Citizens.



The Federation accomplishes its mission by assuming the following mandate:

To enhance the quality of life of senior citizens by recommending:

  • Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Strategies
  • Policies
  • Programs
  • Standards

To provide the following:

  • Programs and services
  • Information
  • Training
  • Networking and partnership development
  • Acting as spokesperson for senior citizens
  • To manage the operations and the resources of the Federation.


The following values guide our decisions, our actions and our behaviours.

Services to our clientele

  • Each senior citizen deserves the best quality of life possible.
  • Our services indicate an understanding and a respect for the reality and the needs of senior citizens irrespective of their language, culture, race, colour, sex or creed.

Internal Operations

Our effective communication is based on the following principles:

  • Mutual respect
  • Harmonious interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding
  • Collaboration
  • Competence
  • Consensus
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Loyalty

Our teamwork is based upon a visionary leadership, reliable information, mutual trust, cooperation, integrity and transparency.

We take into account the mutual interests of our clientele and of our partners.

We treat everyone equally and equitably.

We communicate with seniors, partners and public in the official language of their choice.

We foster decision-making by consensus.

Our deliberations are confidential and we demonstrate our solidarity following the decisions taken by the Federation.


Many Challenges. A United Voice.

Whether its presenting the concerns of seniors to government in a effort to impact public policy, or providing useful information and training to its members, the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation is very active on issues that directly affect seniors in our province. Our portfolio is continually evolving to address the changing needs of our society as well as the concerns put forth by our members.


Following is a brief list of current and recent issues for which the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation has taken a leadership and/or active role on behalf of its members and all seniors.

• Promotion of quality and equitable nursing home care. Today, only a patient’s income is considered when admitted to a nursing home while it used to be that all assets were included in the Province’s calculation of one’s ability to pay for nursing care. Our continued efforts have also contributed to increased hours of patient care which is great news whether your concern is for a loved one or for yourself.

• Rebate on property tax for people over 65 years of age with low-income. Property taxes are on the rise while social programs for low-income seniors are not keeping pace. We lobbied for this rebate program in an effort to help seniors stay in their homes longer without having to compromise on the basic necessities.

• Driving awareness courses are offered free to Federation members. Thanks to the New Horizons Program for Seniors, this back-to-basics course looks at the challenges of being behind the wheel as you grow older. We want seniors to enjoy the freedom and independence of driving. But above all, we want them to be safe.

• Proud supporter of the 55+ Games. An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. This annual event brings together seniors from every corner of the province for some friendly competition – while the friendships and memories that are created continue well after everyone has gone home.

• Ongoing research and advocacy to address seniors’ issues and needs in upcoming years. The New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation has several ongoing working groups that look at issues such as health care, transportation, safety, social and financial programs – all in an effort to address the challenges seniors are likely to face in years to come.

• Promoting a longer life at home. As seniors continue to live longer and fuller lives, the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation promotes strategies that will allow seniors to remain in their home (house, apartment, condo) for as long as possible. This will reduce strain on our senior care and health care systems while promoting independent living.

• Advocacy for improved heating assistance and seniors low-income benefit. As costs continue to rise on everything from groceries to heating fuel, these programs help ensure that all seniors can continue to maintain a respectable standard of living.

• Exclusive offers for NBSCF members. The New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation has created partnerships with several established and well-respected companies to offer programs designed to help members save money on essential purchases such as home, auto and travel insurance. Please refer to the right side of this folder to how you can start saving today.

• Rebates available in hotels and restaurants. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy life to the fullest. The New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation has partnered with numerous businesses to offer discounts to seniors.