50/50 Lotto




Complete Rules Governing the Conduct of the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation (NBSCF) Weekly 50/50 Lottery Draw


Date: March 31, 2014



The NBSCF 50/50 draw is a raffle lottery in which the prize is one half the value of all tickets sold during the event defined as a weekly 7 day period. All ticket sales will begin following the previous draw until the end of the event period. A ticket stub with a serial number corresponding to a sold ticket is placed in a drum for the purpose of a draw. Spin frequency of the drum will be rotated a minimum of five full rotations.  The total value of the prize drawn is dependent on the total number of tickets sold. The total tickets available in the 50/50 Draw will be unlimited. Tickets can be sold via mail in the form of an advance ticket order for multiple draws, telephone sales and or retail terminals. All prizes must be accepted as awarded. 


How it Works:

1. For your first purchase of ticket(s), a person must register their name, address and phone number with us to play our 50/50 lottery and will receive a unique “player” number.

2.  After every draw your player number is printed and deposited into the drum at our head office for the next draw. If you have played that week, you would also have a “played” ticket number in the drum for each ticket you purchased. It is that played number that will be entered in every draw to participate in winning the lottery.

3. To increase your chances of winning, a player can purchase as many tickets per draw as they wish, but they must purchase a minimum of one ticket per draw in order to participate in the prize pool for that draw. Tickets can be purchased individually at $2.00 for one, 5 for $5.00, 20 for $10.00 or in advance for 26 or 52 weeks. The form for advance tickets can be found on our web site at www.nbscf.ca.


Lottery Rules:

  1. Only the official ticket receipt with the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation (NBSCF) logo will be accepted as proof of a ticket purchased in any draw.
  2.  Draws will occur at our offices in Dieppe NB each week commencing on or after noon, 12PM to 12:15PM Atlantic time, on each Wednesday (the “Draw Day”) of all registered players of our 50/50 lottery. Sales for each such draw will end at 11:30AM of the draw day for that draw. Any tickets purchased after 12:15PM or when the system is restarted after the draw, become the tickets eligible for the next week’s draw.
  3.  The winning ticket will be drawn by hand. The winning ticket drawn will win 50% of the sales of all tickets sold during that weekly time period provided that the registered player would have purchased and paid for a ticket for that draw in that week. If the winning ticket of a draw belongs to a player that has not purchased their ticket for that draw, the amount of that week’s prize would then be added to the next weekly draw. 
  4. The winner will be contacted following the draw date and will have the opportunity to pick up their prize in person or by registered mail. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and must be claimed within one year from the date of the Draw Day on which the prize was won in the manner stated above.  Once a ticket is purchased there shall be no cancellations or refunds.
  5. Credit card payments by telephone can only be accepted for advance lottery ticket orders.
  6. You must be 19 years of age or older to play and claim your lottery prize.
  7. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the mailing address and phone number on their ticket is correct.
  8. By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and agrees to the rules. Any and all inquiries on the conduct, prizing and procedures of the Lottery are to be made to the NBSCF prior to purchase of the ticket. Tickets cannot be purchased in the name of a minor.
  9.  Only ticket(s) that have been paid for, and have been verified as paid for, or won as prizes, are eligible for respective draws. In the event of an invalid cheque or credit card payment, ticket(s) issued will be considered void.
  10.  A Group Purchase Program is applied to groups of tickets ordered using a group name, and using our group order form. The NBSCF assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the entitlement of any prize to any group or group member other than the Direct Purchaser or for the accuracy of any of the information at any time contained on the NBSCF Group Purchase Program order form. The Direct Purchaser is defined as the person who signs the form, pays directly for their ticket(s) by credit card, cheque, or money order and is verified as the Direct Purchaser by the group. In the event that a winning ticket is held in more than one name, it is the responsibility, and at the discretion, of the Direct Purchaser to share winning information and prizes with those other persons whose names are also listed on the Group Purchase Program order form. The Purchaser is responsible for proof-of-ownership of shared tickets.
  11. The name of the winner will be online at www.nbscf.ca following each draw and posted on retail terminals in their locations. Winners agree to the use and public release of their name and photo for publicity purposes by NBSCF. Should the name drawn be of a person who did not play their number for that draw, we will not release their name publically that could cause any embarrassment to the person or persons.
  12. NBSCF respects the privacy of its lottery supporters; we do not sell, rent, or trade our supporter lists. The information we collect is used to process lottery ticket purchases and keep our supporters informed about the activities of NBSCF. If at any time you wish to be excluded from such contacts, call us at 506-857-8242, and we will accommodate your request. By entering this lottery, participants acknowledge that they have read and understand the rules and regulations and confirm that they are at least 19 years of age.
  13. Employees at the NBSCF are prohibited from purchasing NBSCF 50/50 tickets or obtaining benefit from the prize offering.
  14. The liability of the NBSCF of this lottery shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket.

© 2014 – The New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation