About Us

Who are we?

The NBSCF, founded in 1968, serves as an advocate in all matters of importance to its 18,000 members.


Léonard LeBlanc


Board of Directors

President: Léonard LeBlanc

Vice-President: Catherine Hentschel

Treasurer: Gildard Lavoie

Secretary: David O’toole

Past President: Robéa Cormier

Sandy Livingstone

Rita Savoie

Doris Pauley

Aline Vautour-Siddall

Roger Boudreau

Charles Gray

Frank LeBlanc


Federation Provincial Office Staff

Léonard Leblanc- President

Linda Cormier Marketing Manager

Sylvie Gauvin – Receptionist

The NBSCF is divided in 13 zones.

NBSCF Zone Map

Each zone has a Zone President or Representative

Zone Zone President
Bay of Fundy Sandy Livingstone
Capital Percy Hunington
Chaleur Rita Savoie
Dairy Vacant
Kent Raymond Dionne
Loyalist Carol Field
Maple Leaf Doris Pauley
Miramichi Aline Vautour-Siddall
Nepisiguit Catherine Hentschel
Nord-Ouest Gildard Lavoie
Péninsule Roger Boudreau
Saint John River Charles Gray
Sud-Est Frank LeBlanc


Provincial Power of Influence.

To effectively carry out its mandate, the New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation has established 13 geographical zones to provide a presence in every region of our province. Elected Zone Directors work directly with local senior citizens clubs and partners to promote the wellbeing of all seniors. Regardless of where you call home, if it matters to seniors, it matters to us!

NB Regional Representation